BigData Health is an investor funded startup with a mission to empower fitness and therapy organizations to achieve higher rates of client success through an Integrated Digital Health Platform.
Intuitive tools, access to new metrics and powerful analytics/AI capabilities help drive more client accountability and crystal clear progress reporting metrics to Providers, Therapists & Trainers to support informed decisions. 
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01 / FAST

Quickly build brand equity and customer satisfaction at higher rates than ever before through digital tools that drive the highest levels of accountability in order to accomplish clients' goals consistently 


Leveraging your already established brand standards, our mobile application can be implemented and ready for clients to download and drive new revenue growth in less than 45 days


Our solution focused on finite levels of data to make informed recommendations that drive higher levels of accountability and also access to reporting that allows therapists, trainers and doctors to monitor patient and client performance for informed decisions 

Patient/client approved view accessed from Provider EHR system. Therapy progress for doctor to view. Likewise, client progress for personal training will also be available as reports. 


Increase Client 



Digital tools that engage members and AI driven content that ensures timely, 
personalized therapy sessions and workouts based on user goals, and health metric history 


Trainer & Therapist Attrition 


Increase client acquisition through enabling trainer/therapy
tools that drive client accountability and higher success

rates. More client success = more trainer and therapist success



Our integrated health platform enables 3 way access to client progress and metrics to Providers, Therapists, and Trainers therefor enabling a holistic and informed approach to meeting clients goals

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Dr. Kaley Bourgeois,

is a Naturopathic Physician practicing primary care with an emphasis in endocrine disorders, weight loss and nutrition. She has a background in Exercise Science and encourages patients to optimize their health by including balanced diet and regular exercise. Dr. Bourgeois will provide insights on health metrics which make a concrete difference in helping members understand progress towards goals and better health in general. Aggregation of these health metrics will be a key component for powering the AI /recommendations engine. 

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Bart P. Rask, MD,

is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in private practice in Hillsboro, Oregon who specializes in sports-related injuries. Dr. Rask had formal sports medicine training at Indiana, Tufts, and Harvard Universities, including working with team physicians for the Indianapolis Colts, Boston Celtics, and the Boston Ballet. He has been a principal reviewer for The American Journal of Sports Medicine for over 20 years. 
Dr. Rask will be critical in influencing BigData Health’s solutions and opportunities for helping users with injury prevention, and overuse and sports injury rehabilitation.


Dr. Jordan Brandon,

received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, California, graduating with honors in 2013. Jordan’s completion of advanced musculoskeletal lab and coursework on the spine and extremities has also earned him Certified Manual Physical Therapist credentials from the North American Institute of Manual Therapy. Dr. Brandon's daily experience and interactions with clients in the Physical Therapy industry are invaluable for BigData Health as we navigate what will propel therapists in better achieving client goals. 



Co-Founder & CEO, Aaron Harris

With 16 + years experience in Digital Marketing, Tech, Digital capability/product planning and associated implementations across various industry verticals, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience enabling opportunities to be converted to value driving features which clients can monetize. Expert in software project management and digital product development planning and execution. Avid fitness and health fan


Chief Customer Officer,
James Hodgson


James is an expert, degreed professional in health and fitness industry with over 10 years gym management and personal training experience inspiring others to become empowered! Once new B2b clients are established, James will focus on training of therapists on how to incorporate the mobile app and a content strategy into their funnels in order to drive and grow new revenue.  

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